workWomen with a Mission operates in the three key program areas of Access to justice, social services, legislative advocacy and networking program and organizational development and capacity.

 Access to Justice

This program aims at promoting access to justice for marginalized groups specifically women and girls in Uganda. This program mainly focuses on criminal justice, land justice, family justice, stigmatization and discrimination against Women & Girls living with HIV/AIDS and Sexual and Gender Based violence. It also targets minority groups, poor men and the elderly persons.

Access to justice is critical to the full enjoyment of women’s human rights and to effectively address gender discrimination struggles that they experience in all spheres of life.

The Social Service Program

Our Social Service Program is geared towards helping the local community to cope positively with the effects of Sexual and Gender Based Violence, human rights abuse, discrimination and stigmatization in Eastern Uganda and we also aim to provide the necessary social and psychological support to victims of abuse.  We believe that our work with women and other marginalized groups helps to rebuild broken family relations and empower self-help community initiatives. Project activities in the Social Service Program include the following: 

Conduct Community Dialogues and Discussions

In community dialogues and discussions we help community members identify their problems and come up with solutions of their own. Problems brought forward by the local communities include land conflicts, child neglect, domestic violence, stigmatization and discrimination of women living with HIV &AIDS and drug abuse among others. 

Facilitation of Community Mediations 

Our social workers are active throughout the Bukedi sub-region to facilitate mediation between different conflicting communities and individuals. 

Medical Support

In addition to social and psychological support for local communities our Social Service Program provides medical support to vulnerable community members. Our support includes the referral to medical institutions and the provision of medical costs. Special attention is paid to the needs of extremely vulnerable persons.

Support for Community Support Groups 

We use already existing community support groups to strengthen social and economic empowerment in the rural communities. Help for these local community groups can include the provision of agricultural inputs for community gardening, provision of livestock for animal traction.

Additionally, to provide startup capital for women living with HIV/AIDS to be able to expand income earning opportunities.

Legislative Advocacy and Networking Program

The objective of this program is to work with likeminded organisations and institutions to advocate and influence the adoption of policies and legislation that promotes equality and non-discrimination in order to prevent discrimination of marginalised groups specifically women and girls and advocate for greater accountability on HIV issues from governments and policy makers.

Secondly, supporting organisations that provide critical community support for the prevention, treatment and care of HIV/AIDS for women and their families.


Who we are

Women With a Mission (WWM) was established in 2008 by a group of women activists with the objective of promoting and protecting women’s rights, campaign and advocate on issues affecting women and girls and ensuring women live free of violence.

WWM is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with a Secretariat in Uganda.

WWM was formed as a result of atrocities done on women like Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), Widow Inheritance, Bride Price, Female Genital Mutilation in order to advocate for change, campaign against these bad cultural practices and to protect and promote rights of women and girls.

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