We promote gender equality & human rights of Women and Girls.

Women with a Mission (WWM) has 5 programmatic areas.

Enhanced access to justice

The program objective is to increase sustainable access to justice for Women and Girls in Uganda. This is aimed at improving their well-being.

Advocacy, Research & Documentation

The program objective is to enhance Advocacy, Research and Documentation for a just and fair legal and policy environment that promote rights, equality and non-discrimination.

Community & Key Stakeholders' Capacity Enhancement

The program objective is to enhance the capacity of target communities, duty bearers and key stake holders.


Achievements so far!

Over the last 4 years, WWM’s programmes have had an impact on the access to justice for women and girls in Uganda, through their Access to Justice Programme. Since the programme targets women and adolescent girls, Women Who use Drugs, Female Sex Workers, WWM legal aid clinic has handled over 2000 cases alongside more than 582 cases on domestic violence/intimate partner and over 502 cases for drug use and 383 for sex workers.

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Gender Based Violence among Sex Workers and A Call to Action

Despite calls for the decriminalization of sex work, it remains illegal in many countries including Uganda under Section 139 of...
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National Baseline Study on the Magnitude of Drug Use among Women, Lived Realities, Challenges Faced and Mapping CSOS That Work With Women Who Use Drugs In Uganda

Women who use drugs (WWUDs), are a growing population in Uganda. These face double stigmaand its worse if they are...
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Harm Reduction Programming for Women who Use Drugs in Uganda

Women Who Use Drugs (WWUDs) have not been seen active or engaged at the community level because of the Patriarchal...
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Mapping of People Who Use and Inject Drugs in hotspots in the districts of Mbale, Tororo, Busia and Malaba

The report presents the findings of the Mapping of People Who Use and Inject Drugs in hotspots in the districts...
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The Plight of Women who Indulge in Drug Use

A documentary made by Women with a Mission. Watch to Learn the Extent and Effects of Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 2016 on Women Who Use Drugs (WWUDs) Access to SRHR and HIV related services.


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